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Easily create web jobs or server-less functions without managing any servers or infrastructure. Taskity takes care of running them on schedule and logging their results for you.

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Automate your background tasks without all the overhead

Use Taskity to automatically call web APIs with complete control over HTTP methods, headers, and bodies. Or deploy powerful web functions to the cloud without having to deal with any servers, infrastructure, or configurations. Schedule your tasks to run as cron jobs, or trigger them through one of 100s of integrations. Learn more.


Quickly define your tasks and deploy them using the dashboard. Serverless code runs on Lambda by connecting to your AWS account.


Define schedules to run at a set date, or at an interval defined by cron syntax. Attach your schedules to tasks and Taskity will take care of running your tasks on schedule and logging the results.


Instead of setting up integrations of its own, Taskity integrates with Zapier to allow you to run your tasks in response to certain events or workloads. With Zapier, 100s of integrations are immediately available. *Zapier integrations coming soon!


Run your tasks using schedules, integration triggering, or the Taskity API, or manually through the dashboard. Task results and logs will be stored automatically.

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Includes unlimited tasks, unlimited schedules, and unlimited executions

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